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Your Need. Our Mission

We Want To Tell You Who We Are

We are medical students with Ph.D.’s who’ve decided to try and manage the medical world of menopause (maybe we will continue to another field later), this stems from the understanding that the information is scattered and out of date, and also we wanted to create a place for women to read and share.

We Are Committed To Bring The Most Up-To-Date Relevant Information Available In The Medical Literature

To write the content, We use well-known sources such as PUBMED, EBSCO, Embase, Medline, UpToDate, etc. In addition, we use medical books in the various fields of specialization, in relevant specific journals, and the guidelines of the different official bodies in the world.

Why We Are Doing It?​

We felt that the answers on the internet were confusing, in-cohesive, and not very accessible. This blog aims to make reliable, orderly, and concise information accessible on critical topics. Information that can make our lives, as women, a little easier and more comfortable. Another reason is that it was strange for us that many issues in gynecology relate to our quality of life, and almost all of them are so common. However, still, we don’t talk about them freely, and there is no reason we shouldn’t talk about them daily and share.

What Will We Write About On The Website?​

The idea of ​​the site is to make relevant medical information accessible for common problems. Therefore, we will focus on general menopausal issues, new research, and different recommended treatments and answer frequently asked questions even if they are fundamental or feel “silly” questions to ask. The goal is to review reliable medical information from different sources and summarize it straightforwardly and conveniently. An accessible and available database is created on various topics relevant to us.

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We would be happy to receive a donation to continue to fund the site and upload more content.